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1 Faraday = 96 485.3415 coulombs

International Toroid Day, August 29th 0000-2359 Zulu time.

Special event station W1T honors the 176th anniversary of the invention of the toroid by Michael Faraday, and will be operated by many toroid luminaries, including Mychael the Toroid Guy. Please see http://w1t.org for operating times, frequencies, and modes or listen for the call "CQ T"
(long dash) or "CQ Toroid Day."

No hamming....

I haven't been on the HF bands for a while. No CW, no DX Packet Cluster, nada. I'd like to get some quality time with the CW paddle.

The weather station is down - not sure what's wrong.

My 2M packet station is partially working. The TNC is hooked up to yet another old computer that I moved out to the garage. But the wireless network connection out to the garage is hit and miss.... so I'm going to try to set up a bridge to extend the network out there.

I have been prepping the W4V Veterans Day Special Event cards and certificates. I plan to finish up the cards and should be able to print the certificates out tomorrow. All should be in the mail on Thursday.

Beer update: The total fermentation time was two weeks. I bottled the first batch on Saturday. I varied the amount and type of sugar. In 1/4 of the bottles I put 1/2 brown sugar and 1/2 regular sugar. In another 1/4 of the bottles I put all brown sugar. The rest of the bottles got the regular sugar. We'll see what kind of difference the sugar makes. This Saturday I'll put 4 of the beers in the fridge for conditioning..... then 4 more the next week, etc. I have another batch to start fermenting... probably this weekend.

Went to the eye doctor today and was diagnosed with keratoconus in my left eye. At first I thought that meant that my eye would bulge, possibly pop out and/or bleed... but it's actually not too bad. Keratoconus, or KC for short, is a thinning disorder of the cornea that causes distortion and reduced vision. The biggest short term impact is that I have to get hard contact lenses. I do need to start taking better care of my eyes.

Already the 19th of November!

I've been falling behind on my updates...

(1) W4V - Veterans' Day Special Event Station. I got a late start on Saturday... took a while to pack the truck. Setup at Fort Story took longer than expected - my biggest challenge was tying down the center mast after I'd gotten it vertical. It's really a two person job and hard to do alone. But once I got the antenna up, the rest was easy. A beautiful day as well, low 70s and clear skies. The QSOs rolled in, as long as I was calling "CQ" I was getting QSOs. Sunday was a different story. The forecast called for rain, but I thought I could weather it out. I arrived at Fort Story but the winds became too extreme - no chance of getting the center pole up. I threw in the towel for a portable operation and headed home to operate. Not the same satisfaction running a special event from home, but I still enjoyed the QSOs. Even got Wyoming... which completes my Worked All States Award!

(2) Kenwood TS-930S.... my "new to me rig". I picked this up from a local ham at a bargain. What a radio!

This piece of electronics perfection is over 20 years old, but it performs like a dream. The receiver is amazing. Also getting great reception reports on both SSB and CW. This rig is now the centerpiece of my shack.

(3) I didn't work the Sweepstakes this weekend, but did have a QSO with a special event station celebrating Oklahoma statehood. However, I did work a sweepstakes station on 15M who was operating from the Santa Clara Valley.

(4) Also a few CW QSOs - I've hooked up my Logikey CMOS4 Keyer. Amazing little device, lots of features - but does a great job as a basic keyer.

Upcoming Special Event Stations

Nov 9-Nov 12, 1600Z-2000Z, Arlington Heights, IL. Armored Force Amateur Radio Net, KA9NLX. Veteran's Day SE honoring all veterans. 14.325 7.283 7.035 3.985. Certificate. John Paskevicz, 1423 North Ridge Ave, Arlington Heights, IL 60004. AFAR members will operate from different parts of the country on all amateur HF frequencies and 2 meters.

Nov 10-Nov 13, 1300Z-2100Z, Hampton, VA. US Army Amateur Radio Society, W4V. Veteran's Day observance from Fort Monroe, VA. 14.248 7.248. Certificate. US Amry Radio Society, 224 Beauregard Heights, Hampton, VA 23669. www.usaars.com

Nov 11, 1200Z-2359Z, Nutley, NJ. Robert D. Grant United Labor Amateur Radio Association, N2UL. CQ Veterans Day, Labor remember our heroes. 28.420 12.260. Certificate. RDGULARA, c/o WA2VJA, 112 Prospect St, Nutley, NJ 07110-0716. rdgulara.org

Nov 11, 1300Z-1900Z, Brownsville, TX. Charro Amateur Radio Club, W5CRC. Return of the Snow Bird to South Texas. 28.335 21.335 14.335. QSL. Bob Austin, K5VC, 107 W Park Dr, Brownsville, TX 78520. www.qsl.net/w5crc

Nov 11, 1430Z-2039Z, Grand Rapids, MI. Michigan Amateur Radio Alliance, W8USA. Veteran's Day. 14.250 7.250 14.070 7.040. QSL. W8USA, PO Box 670, Comstock Park, MI 49321. www.w8usa.org

Nov 11, 1500Z-2230Z, Baton Rouge, LA. Baton Rouge Amateur Radio Club, W5KID. Veteran's Day. CW 28.060 21.060 14.060 10.106 7.040 SSB 14.250 to 24.320. QSL. W5KID, c/o USS Kidd Museum, 305 South River Rd, Baton Rough, LA 70802. www.lsu.edu/brarc/USS_Kidd.htm

Nov 11, 1500Z-2200Z, Waterloo, IA. Five Sullivan Brothers Amateur Radio Club, W0FSB. Veterans' Day and the 64th Anniversary of the loss of the Five Sullivans. 50.140 21.240 14.240 7.240. Certificate and QSL. Five Sullivan Brothers Amateur Radio Club, 4015 Independence Ave, Waterloo, IA 50703.

Nov 13, 2100Z-0000Z, Fort Wayne, IN. Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day, KC9HAJ. Military Appreciation Monday/DAV -- Golden Corral. 21.240 14.260 7.240. Certificate. Emery McClendon, 6116 Graymoor Ln, Fort Wayne, IN 46835. www.armad.net

Lunch contact

I had a short QSO with Ray, W3YBF during lunch today. After my second call of CQ on 7.114 MHz, Ray came back with a nice 59 signal. He started out sending faster than I could copy, but then slowed down. I wish had had more time for a longer QSO.

I'm also slowing sending out the remainder of the certificates and QSL cards from the W4M Memorial Day special event station. These are to folks who have not sent a SASE (or anything else), but I figured I might as well send out the certificates I've printed and the QSL cards that I have.

Special Event Station N6T

Amateur Radio Technology Day is two years old and to celebrate we are operating a special event station with the callsign N6T from Oct 7 - 1600Z until Oct 8 - 0300Z.

14.240, 14.044
7.240, 7.044

We are offering special QSL cards to commemorate the event to all stations who QSOed with us for the event. QSLs should follow the ARRL rules for special event stations by sending your QSL card and QSO information along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) to the address below.

David A. Cooper
270 Redwood Shores Pky.
PMB #41
Redwood City, CA 94065

Lots of Special Events this weekend

Oct 6-Oct 7, 1230Z-2300Z, Paintsville, KY. Amateur Radio Community Service, KI4OIP. Kentucky Apple Festival and 100 years of Amateur Radio. 14.250 7.230 3.910 1.900. QSL. Amateur Radio Community Service, PO Box 75, Paintsville, KY 41240.

Oct 6-Oct 7, 1500Z-2300Z, Honobia, OK. McCurtain County Amateur Radio Club, KD5YQI. Annual Bigfoot Festival, Honobia, OK. 21.230 14.270 7.270 3.900. Certificate. Gary Brock, PO Box 1656, Idabel, OK 74745.

Oct 6-Oct 7, 1600Z-2000Z, Cincinnati, OH. Queen City Emergency Net, W8T. Tall Stacks on the air! Cincinnati's Riverboat Festival. 14.260 7.265. Certificate. David Vest, 2934 Rontina Dr, Goshen, OH 45122. www.qcen.org.

Oct 6-Oct 7, 2200Z-1600Z, Lake Placid, NY. Northern NY Amateur Radio Association, N2Y. NNY Hamfest and Convention. 14.260 10.124 7.240 7.035. Certificate. Richard Sherman, 25 Pines Rd, Malane, NY 12953. www.nnyara.org.

Oct 6-Oct 15, 1300Z-0000Z, Albuquerque, NM. The High Desert Amateur Radio Club of NM, Inc, NM5HD. Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta 2006. 21.255 14.275 7.260. QSL. HDARC of NM Inc, 4972 Turquoise Dr, Rio Rancho, NM 87124. www.nm5hd.com.

Oct 7, 1200Z-1600Z, Brownstown, PA. Red Rose Repeater Association, KB3BVL. Annual Red Rose Tailgate Fest. Gen phone 40m 20m. QSL. Red Rose Repeater Association, PO Box 8316, Lancaster, PA 17604-8316. www.qsl.net/rrra/.

Oct 7, 1300Z-1700Z, Anamosa, IA. Jones County Amateur Radio Club, N0CWP. 18th Annual Anamosa Pumpkinfest. 14.260. Certificate. Jim McClintock, N0CWP, 301 Vine St, Morley, IA 52312. www.ia.net/~anachamb/pumpkin.html.

Oct 7, 1300Z-2200Z, Columbus, OH. Madison County Amateur Radio Club, W8C. Columbus Day Celebrations/Santa Maria Radio Day. 14.040 7.225 7.040 14.070 PSK. QSL. Don Fuhr, W8LJ, 6800 McVey Blvd, Columbus, OH 43235. http://qsy.to/mcarcoh.

Oct 7, 1300Z-2200Z, Harlem, GA. Columbia County Georgia Amateur Radio Club, W4O. Annual Oliver Hardy Festival. 146.52 21.260 14.260 7.260. Certificate. CCARC/W4O, PO Box 800, Evans, GA 30809. http://ccarc.hamradio.com.

Oct 7, 1400Z-2000Z, Palmyra, VA. Fluvanna County ARES, W4F. 11th Annual Old Farm Day Celebration in Fluvanna County, VA. 28.350 18.150 14.250 7.250. Certificate. Manny Rodriguez, K4MSR, 22 Fleetwood Dr, Palmyra, VA 22963.

Oct 7, 1400Z-2000Z, Springfield, MO. Frisco Retirees Radio Club and The Railroad Historical Museum, Inc, W0DLR. Commemorating the preservation of Frisco 4524 Steam Engine. 14.270 7.270. QSL. Dave Rust, 2151 Deer Ln, Kirbyville, MO 65679. www.rrhistoricalmuseum.zoomshare.com.

Oct 7, 1400Z-2200Z, St Charles, IL. Fox River Radio League, W9CEQ. 21st Annual Scarecrow Festival. 14.260 7.260. QSL. FRRL-Scarecrow, PO Box 673, Batavia, IL 60510. www.frrl.org.

Oct 7, 1400Z-2000Z, Sterling, VA. Sterling Park ARC, K4NVA. Sterlingfest 2006. 14.260 7.240. QSL. SPARC, Call Box 599, Sterling, VA 20167. www.qsl.net/sterling.

Oct 7-Oct 8 and October 14-Oct 15, 0700Z-2000Z, Bedford, PA. Bedford County Amatuer Radio Society, K3NQT. Bedford County Fall Foliage Festival. 14.230 21.330 7.230. Certificate. Paul Fischer, 185 Main St, Alum Bank, PA 15522.

Oct 7-Oct 8, 1400Z-2100Z, Glen Hazel, PA. Elk County Emergency Services, W3E. Elk County Rescue Weekend. 14.280 7.280 3.980. QSL. Mike McAllister, N3RZL, PO Box 448, Ridgway, PA 15853. www.ncentral.com/~elkcnty.

Oct 7-Oct 8, 1600Z-0300Z, Menlo Park, CA. 24th Month, Amateur Radio-Technology Day, N6T, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. 14.240 7.240 14.044 7.044. QSL. David A. Cooper, 270 Redwood Shores Pky, PMB 41, Redwood City, CA 94065. www.fars.k6ya.org.

Oct 7-Oct 15, 0001Z-2400Z, Milford, CT. Lake Effect Amateur Radio Club, W1M. National Wildlife Refuge Week. 21.310 14.265 7.240 7.055. QSL. Kevin Gunther, 2 Milford Point Rd, Milford, CT 06460.

Oct 8, 1400Z-2000Z, Robbinsville, NC. Smoky Mountains Amateur Radio Team, N4GSM. Anniversary of opening of Cherahala Skyway. 14.242 7.242. Certificate. SMART, PO Box 517, Robbinsville, NC 28771. http://main.nc.us/graham/smart/.

Polar Bear Moonlight Madness Event

On Friday, October 6th from 1900utc until 2200utc or so look for Polar Bears on the air! Yes we bears will hike, drive etc to the top of the local terrain and operate our qrp rigs. We call this a Polar Bear Moonlight Madness Event or PBMME. We do this only during or near a full moon every month from October to March. We presently have 37 Polar Bears in over six states and two countries so look for the US and Canadian PBs on the air this Friday!

The EPA QRP Club sponsors this nice event.

Every Polar Bear has a PB# so ask for his number too. This isn't a contest, but just a FUN event. It's a nice way to get to know other hams too.

If you want to bag a bear, look around the QRP frequencies of 3.5060, 7.040, 10.106, 14.060 and 21.060mhz.

Be the first to work WA3WSJ and I'll send you a very nice Two Dollar Canadian Polar Bear Coin! You can look at the coin on my Polar Bear Website at http://www.wa3wsj.com/files/PolarBear2006.html

Be sure to look in the scrolling picture header at the top of the page.

PB #2

TOEC WW Grid Contest

-- CW, sponsored by the Top of Europe Contesters (TOEC) from 1200Z Sep 30-1200Z Oct 1. Frequencies: 160-10 meters. Categories: SO (no packet) -AB, -SB, LP-AB, QRP-AB), MS (10 min band change rule), MM, Mobile (SOAB) -- work mobiles from each grid field (i.e., JP, KO, EM). Exchange: RST + grid square, i.e., JP73 (log must show all grid fields activated). QSO Points: own continent -- 1 pt, other cont -- 3 pts, QSOs with mobiles -- 3 pts. Score: QSO points × two-letter grid fields. For more information: www.sk3bg.se/contest/toecwwgc.htm. Logs due 30 days after the contest to contest@toec.net or to TOEC, Box 178, SE-83122 Ostersund, Sweden.

Arkansas QSO Party

-- CW/SSB/PSK31, sponsored by K1ARK, from 1600Z Sep 30-0600Z Oct 1 and 1800Z Oct 1-0200Z Oct 2. Frequencies (MHz): CW -- 50 kHz above band edge; Phone -- 3.980, 7.260, 14.260, 21.360, 28.360, 145-147; PSK -- 3.580, 7.070, 14.070, 21.080, 28.120. Categories: SO and MS (HP/LP, QRP, Mixed, CW, Phone), Mobile, PSK. Work mobiles in each county. Exchange: RST, state or province, DX stations send DX, Arkansas stations send county. QSO points: PSK -- 3 pts, CW -- 2 pts, SSB -- 1 pt. Score: QSO points × AR counties (AR station count states, provinces and AR counties). For bonus points and more information: www.arkan.us. Logs due 30 days after the contest to k1ark@arrl.net or to Bill Smith, K1ARK, 3032 Strawberry Dr, Fayetteville, AR, 72703.