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Fall QRP Homebrewer Sprint

-- CW/PSK31, sponsored by New Jersey QRP Club from 0000Z-0400Z Sep 25. Frequencies: QRP CW and PSK31 frequencies on 80-10 meters. CW and PSK31 are considered separate bands. Exchange: RST + S/P/C + output power. QSO points: commercial equipment -- 2 pts, homebrew xmtr or rcvr -- 3 pts, homebrew xmtr and rcvr or xcvr -- 4 pts. Kits okay as homebrew. Power multiplier: 0>250 mW = ×15, 250 mW>1 W = ×10, 1-5 W = ×7, >5 W = ×1. Score: QSO points × S/P/C (counted once per band) × power multiplier. For more information: www.njqrp.org. Logs due 30 days from the contest to n2cq@arrl.net (text format, please) or Ken Newman, N2CQ, 81 Holly Dr, Woodbury, NJ 08096.

Unfinished QSO

Was having a nice 30M CW QSO with John, KA9DVX after a small non-radio related emergency. John was going just a little bit too fast, but I was mostly keeping up. Sorry about leaving you without an explanation John!

There's a RTTY contest going on - seems to have taken up the traditional part of the 40M CW band.

I made two 40M SSB contacts in for the TX QSO party.

GYFWW Score Sheet

Score=225 18 7 11 8


9/15/2006 1:50 K1LOG N 589 579 Herb ME 12159 4 40
9/15/2006 15:40 AA4TB E 599 599 Tommy SC 12494 61 40
9/15/2006 23:19 K5CQB N 599 559 Jim TX 11703 3 20
9/16/2006 1:50 KG4W E 599 599 Ed VA 12448 77 80
9/16/2006 2:25 N5RDN   N 599 599 Rob TX 11984   5 40
9/16/2006 3:02 KO4ZS   N 599 569 Paul GA   25 91 80
9/16/2006 3:19 KC2LSD   N 599 599 Cody NJ 11793   3 80
9/16/2006 3:45 K2ZR E   599 599 Dick NY   50 50 80
9/16/2006 4:01 K4WFM E   599 599 Frank GA 10245   57 80
9/16/2006 4:42 K8NVR E   599 599 Ed OH 7957   0 80
9/16/2006 5:10 VE3HUR E   599 559 Don ON 11349   75 80
9/16/2006 12:25 KG4RRT   N 579 579 Bill FL 9503   2 40
9/16/2006 13:25 KC2OJZ   N 599 579 Larry NJ   100 5 40
9/16/2006 15:55 K1LOG   N 559 559 Herb ME 12159   2004 20
9/16/2006 20:10 N5RDN   N 569 599 Rob TX 11984   2005 20
9/17/2006 12:45 WB2LOS E   599 559 Mike NY 6178   77 40
9/17/2006 21:00 KC9DSE   N 569 559 Jim IN 10401   2 40
9/17/2006 21:25 N5RDN   N 599 599 Rob TX 11984   2005 20

Sep 21, 2006 80/40/20M Straight Key/Bug Sprint

See General Sprint Rules for rules common to every NAQCC sprint [http://www.arm-tek.net/~yoel/sprintrules.html]

RULES specific to this month's sprint:

Date and time:
Thursday, Sep 21, 0030-0230 UTC
(Remember that's Wednesday evening here in the USA)

Bands Used This Month:
80 meters, 40 meters, and 20 meters

Special Award:
For the most QSO's with Canadian stations.

Entry Deadline:
All entries must be RECEIVED before 2400Z on Sep 27, 2006. So submit as soon as possible, especially regular mail entries.

Results (to be posted after the entry deadline):

SWA Category
Call QSOs Mbrs Pts Mul Sco Bonus Final Awd 80-40-20 Antenna

Call QSOs Mbrs Pts Mul Sco Bonus Final Awd 80-40-20 Antenna

# - Top score from a previous non-winner

* - Special Award (Most Canadian QSO's) entrants:

Special Award (Most Canadian QSO's) winner:

This weekend in the shack.....

GYFWW: Get Your Feet Wet Weekend. This was an interesting event... all CW. My CW skills are atrocious and this was my attempt at improving. I enjoyed it, although at times it was very frustrating. The exchange was RST, name, state, FISTS #, and year licensed. Most folks were good at slowing down and repeating missed parts of the exchange. I spent a lot of time just sending CQ without a response. A contest doesn't have the personal interaction of a regular QSO. At the end of the contest I had 18 contacts and over 200 points... no records broken here. I still have a long way to go on the CW. I would like to get my speed up to 15-20wpm - that will take a lot of consistent work.

Virginia Beach Hamfest: My second year attending the Virginia Beach Hamfest. A two-day hamfest, I went on Sunday. $5 to get in. There were a few vendors, but I had primarily come this year for RadioWorks, a local company from Portsmouth that makes great wire antennas. I purchased a Carolina Windom, 133' long, good on 80M to 10M. The challenge now is to hang that bad boy. I'll be assisted by my CSV19 Pneumatic Antenna Launcher.

T-238+ APRS WX Project: The main board was good to go. I put the modem board together Friday night, checked out and good to go. Then came Saturday, I was interfacing the WX sensors (temp, wind speed and direction)... it worked! I was getting the data to read out properly. However, when I tried to interface the modem board with the radio, the LCD screen started showing all solid squares instead of text and the heat sink got very, very hot. The LED heartbeat light is still functioning, but clearly there is something wrong. Hope I'm not back to square one. http://www.tapr.org/kits_t238plus.html

Example CW contest QSO

From : Roger Banks
Sent : Wednesday, September 6, 2006 6:33 PM
Subject : Re: [SolidCpyCW] GYFWW... QSO example?


AD7MI ===> AD7MI/N

KE5AQD====> AD7MI/N DE KE5AQD/E 599 ROGER TX 11507 04 BK

AD7MI====> QSL 599 Scott VA 12051 01 BK


When you first hear someone sending CQ for the contest go ahead and try
to copy down all the info beforehand. When you are ready, send your call once. If they don't come back to you right away, be patient. When you hear them send CQ again, or if they just send QRZ?, send your call
again, one time only. When they do come back to you, send your part of
the exchange. Sometimes they only catch part of your call, so listen for partials like AD? or MI?. If you hear your partial call, send your whole call twice, repeat as necessary. If they comeback to you but got your call wrong and sent they exchange anyway, send your call twice as part of your exchange. If they need you to repeat something they will send QTH? or OP? or NR? Just send the required info back. The QSO is over when they start sending CQ or when they send QRZ?

Most contest exchanges tend to be very quick but FISTS Get Your Feet Wet Weekend is a little more laid back. Send at your own pace and those that respond will be kind enough to match your speed. Feel free to ask for repeats and say "howdy" if you recognize the call. The reason the
contest lasts all weekend is so that you don't need to feel rushed. Take your time and enjoy it.

If this email only adds to your confusion or is in any way intimidating, please just ignore it and tune into the contest anyhow. Listen for a few minutes to a strong station and throw your call out. Whoever responds to you will elict the required info from you in the normal friendly FISTS fashion and will make sure that you copy theirs. Like any other FISTS activity, it's all about accuracy over speed and having fun with CW.

Sent : Wednesday, September 6, 2006 5:22 PM
Subject : Contest

Scott, You are going to get a million responses to this one probably. So I thought I would write privately being fairly new to contesting, myself. The qso depends on the contest. For the get your feet wet thing, you are very close to being right. I would suggest using BK rather than KN. Also, for many other contests, the exchange is as short as possible. An example follows:

AD7JMI 599 MT 10789 BK
R R 599 VA 12051 BK

If no one answers, CQ TEST DE WU7R K

You can see how much more abreviated this is. The good thing about the exchange is you can listen to the station giving it to someone else since quite often 599 is always the signal report. then, when he answers you, you really don't have to copy--just concentrate on sending your reponse back to him. If he misses something, he may just send AGN? BK since often that is faster than asking for part of it. You would just reapeat what you have sent.

I hope this helps you. There are several contests this weekend, including a straight key contest from FISTS. You can listen and find an operator at a speed you can copy the exchange from (even if it takes a couple of times), and jump right in. If you screw up, he will understand, Remember that everybody who does this has been right where you are...73, Ci

Ci Jones, WU7R