shedberg (shedberg) wrote,

Arkansas QSO Party

-- CW/SSB/PSK31, sponsored by K1ARK, from 1600Z Sep 30-0600Z Oct 1 and 1800Z Oct 1-0200Z Oct 2. Frequencies (MHz): CW -- 50 kHz above band edge; Phone -- 3.980, 7.260, 14.260, 21.360, 28.360, 145-147; PSK -- 3.580, 7.070, 14.070, 21.080, 28.120. Categories: SO and MS (HP/LP, QRP, Mixed, CW, Phone), Mobile, PSK. Work mobiles in each county. Exchange: RST, state or province, DX stations send DX, Arkansas stations send county. QSO points: PSK -- 3 pts, CW -- 2 pts, SSB -- 1 pt. Score: QSO points × AR counties (AR station count states, provinces and AR counties). For bonus points and more information: Logs due 30 days after the contest to or to Bill Smith, K1ARK, 3032 Strawberry Dr, Fayetteville, AR, 72703.
Tags: contests, operating events

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